Bolt – 25 January 2013

I wrote this message to Usain Bolt on Facebook a few days ago.

Dear Usain – I heard a rumour today that you are thinking about boycotting the athletics in London this summer because of our tax system. I do hope it’s not true. My son Henry loves you. He was so inspired by you during the London Olympics he has run and run and run. Now he cannot run. He has leukaemia. His treatment makes it difficult to walk. Fortunately he is being treated in fine hospitals with medicines developed by scientists over many, many years – much of the research carried out in this country and paid for by British taxpayers. The British taxpayers who also paid for the research that proved smoking causes cancer and developed antibiotics into effective medicines which have probably saved your life and the lives of your loved ones. Please come to London. We love you here. And please pay your tax – it helps to save lives; like the life of my son.

With very best wishes,
Outside the basketball arena


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