Boris steps up… and puts a foot in his mouth

A quick note to add to last night’s blog… It seems Boris Johnson has held a measles summit at City Hall. He is quoted in the Standard saying that parents should not be “overly concerned” about a measles outbreak in London. That is very, very silly. We need to contain this outbreak as quickly as possible. Although he stressed people should give their kids the MMR vaccine, we must not give the dawdlers any wriggle room. People need to take their kids for vaccination now. Every jab counts; the faster you get it done, the better for everyone.

There is no treatment for measles, Henry’s cancer nurse consultant told me this morning he would have to fight it himself which he has little ability to do. Please be concerned, if not for your child then for other children.

[Update: I’ve just had a terse exchange with the Mayor’s Director of Communications who felt Boris had been misunderstood and that he had been trying to avoid panicking people. He also said the Mayor’s record was good on MMR, which is true. But I pointed out (as Celia did on LBC 97.9 this evening), that people didn’t know what ‘overly’ meant and they assumed it implied measles was not something to worry about (as many callers were saying on LBC 97.9).

Hopefully there will be a clarification on its way from Boris. Good grief!]


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