Meanwhile Huck loved the climbing frame

2 May 2013

2 May 2013 – Henry on his way to his class for the first time in five and a half months

We all shouted at each other of course. We were late. Henry was refusing to finish his cornflakes and was pondering a meds go-slow. But in the end the temptation was too much.  He made it. After five and a half months, Henry went back to school this morning.

On Tuesday we found out that Henry still has some antibodies to protect him from the measles. He’s still at risk of course but the school is apparently healthy and we’re as confident as we can be that his class is well vaccinated. He’s only going for the morning – but this feels like huge progress.

He has a long way to go of course. We have a very, very significant milestone next week – a second Minimal Residual Disease test which will discover how much leukaemia is left in Henry’s blood. It will see if he’s on track to eradicate the disease. Even if that goes well then he will have another three years of treatment.

Although we have tried hard to keep taking this day-by-day, this test is a biggy and it’s nibbling away at us. We won’t know the results for a week.

But we have to take the good days when we can.  This morning felt like Henry’s first day at school ever. We tried hard not to cry. Henry seemed to take it in his stride – not delighted to be centre of attention; but not really minding it either.

The sun is shining. Henry’s with his friends.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile Huck loved the climbing frame

  1. Katie Matthews

    … So here at the Visitor Centre this afternoon Rob, Lex, Alex and I are cheering this fabulous milestone! Well done Henry!


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