They said sorry

The Iberostar Grand Mencey Hotel has said sorry without reservation. The manager took full responsibility for causing the problems that led to our complaint and we have accepted his apologies.

You can come out now

You can come out now

In the UK we have legislation which protects the families of people with disabilities (and cancer is included in this) because mis-treating close family members is considered indirect discrimination. I’m no lawyer and cannot say if this would have applied in this case if it had happened in the UK but it felt pretty rotten to us. The hotel accepted this and have made amends.

We’ve had some really kind and thoughtful comments and thousands of people have visited the blog. Once again we have learnt that while cancer can be truly awful, it also brings out the very best in most people. Thank you for all the support and having our backs – it matters a great deal.


One thought on “They said sorry

  1. Kate

    Hi, I am so pleased to read of this apology. I was one of many, no doubt, who emailed the hotel 2 days ago. This is what I said:
    “Dear Daniel
    I am absolutely shocked and dismayed to learn how your hotel has treated young British cancer sufferer Henry D. He and his family have endured a long and painful battle with cancer and to deny him access to the safety of the shaded indoor pool is cruel and discriminatory.
    I am a UK journalist and lawyer and I run a large UK consumer website. I will be publicising your hotels shocking treatment of Henry and we will do everything in our power to tell British consumers NOT to stay at your hotel.
    I thought the Spanish had a reputation for kindness and charity to children? Obviously NOT.”

    I got a personal reply and was informed of the apology yesterday by the hotel, so I am delighted that people power paid off. I really hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your holiday. Good luck with all ongoing treatment xx


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