Text sent 1 January 2013 07:52
As you know Hen has not been well lately. Yesterday he had some preliminary blood tests and also developed Chicken Pox. He was sent to hospital by an on-call doctor. Hen has had an ok night – his temperature has come down and he is on anti-virals for his chicken pox. We are still waiting for some blood test results but his haemoglobin count is low so he needs a blood transfusion this morning. The docs are not able to say what is wrong but we are waiting for results from a blood film test – the important question is whether Henry has abnormally-shaped white blood cells. We are hoping not, as that would be a very serious sign. We should know later this morning.

Text sent 1 January 2013 13:26
Hen is to get a blood transfusion this afternoon. They will have further blood test results tomorrow when they’ll know if he needs to have his bone marrow tested (involves gen anaesthetic) and would be done at Great Ormond Street. Good news is they have protocols for all eventualities; bad news is leukaemia has not been 100% ruled out though the money is again on parvovirus.

Email sent 3 January 08:50
He’s currently in UCH with severe anaemia and chicken pox… He’s not been himself for some time. We got his blood tested on New Year’s Eve and coincidentally he developed chicken pox so he was admitted. They are not sure of the cause of the anaemia – and are doing various tests. He was very listless but improved greatly with a blood transfusion on Wednesday. We may yet have to go to Great Ormond Street for a bone marrow test (requires gen anaesthetic) but we’re waiting for more results before they decide. (It’s thought the cause is viral and the risk of leukaemia is low.)

Text sent 3 January 2013 18:44
Hello shoulder bearers of Henry Davidson. Our hero is settling in nicely at the very wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital. He’s in isolation because of his chicken pox. Tomorrow lunchtime he will have a general anaesthetic and a very quick procedure to remove some bone marrow which should (within a few days) tell us what’s going on. H is in good spirits and taking it all in his stride.

Text sent 4 January 2013 17:50
I’m afraid it’s bad news. Hen’s got Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. He doesn’t know as there is a very slim chance it’s the chicken pox. It means three years of treatment with a fairly intensive first month. The good news is that survival rates are around 92%. He’ll start chemo next week once the pox have cleared.

An ambulance takes Henry from UCLH to Great Ormond Street Hospital

An ambulance takes Henry from UCLH to Great Ormond Street Hospital


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